Meet Our New Dental Assistant Rascal

Rachel Miles

Rascal Miles

Rascal Miles came to Portland in 2011 from Sarasota, Florida after graduating with an English degree from the University of Florida.  Years later, Rascal met Doctor Weinberg through playing music with Doctor’s daughter, Emily, and the two instantly hit it off.  One day after Rascal and Emily were performing in a barbershop, Doc (as Rascal likes to call her) invited Rascal to join her team and be her new dental assistant.  Rascal loves her work in dentistry and has great sensitivity to the fact that people are often very nervous when they go to the dentist.  Rascal takes a very joyful approach to relax people when they first sit in the chair. She loves to tell a few jokes and make people laugh.  Her favorite joke to tell to patients is: Why did the lollipop cross the road?  Because it was stuck to the chicken!  Rascal prides herself on being a people person, and her favorite part about working in Dr. Weinberg’s dental office is, in fact, the people who come through the door.

When Rascal is not in the dental office she is writing and playing music. She has her own band known as the Rascal Miles Band in which she sings, plays guitar, and uses a suitcase kick drum.  Rascal is also in another band called Sparkle Carpet with her two best friends, Emily (Doctor Weinberg’s daughter) and Erin.  In Sparkle Carpet, they only play toy-sized instruments including cat keyboard and a Fischer Price xylophone, and Rascal plays a miniature drum set.  Rascal loves to hang out with her friends and have craft nights, during which they make all of their band merchandise by hand.  She has previous experience working as a screen printer, which has come in handy not only for her music projects but also for making shirts for special events at work.  Whenever the office takes vacations, Rascal Miles is either recording or going on tour with her bands around the country.  

Speaking of around the country, Rascal loves to travel.  She recently returned from a trip to Colombia, South America where she got to spend time with old friends from college in remote cabins up in the mountains four hours outside of Bogota.  Rascal’s next trip that she has planned is to Japan and Thailand in the fall with one of her closest buddies.  She’s constantly swapping stories and pictures with patients about the places they’ve been and absorbed their travel advice.  Rascal genuinely loves to establish connections with patients and is constantly excited to catch up every time someone comes into the office, even if they’re just stopping by to grab a cookie from the lobby.

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